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Established Physical Therapy Equipment Services in Orange County, California
MKH Electronics Can Diagnose and Repair Your Rehab Equipment Issues
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With more than 35 years of repairing equipment in physical therapy clinics, we understand that downtime due to faulty devices can be costly. With clients such as Torrence Memorial HealthCare and UCLA HealthCare trusting us with servicing their medical equipment, you can rest easy knowing we can repair and inspect your equipment effectively and efficiently so you can get your physical therapy facility back to rehabilitating patients.
Physical therapy clinics in Southern California depend on us for quality service.
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Our Physical Therapy Equipment Services Include
Advanced diagnostic equipment
Minimal device downtime
Preventive maintenance program
Unsurpassed customer service
Prompt service call scheduling
Productive solutions
Benefits of Our Physical Therapy Equipment Services
Cost-effective pricing
Solutions in just one service call
Flexible scheduling options
In business since 1977
Expert certified staff
Experience working with top clients
Established Expert Physical Therapy Equipment Repairs
Our reputable team of expert technicians is standing by to help you diagnose and fix your physical therapy equipment. We’re able to offer cost-effective rates, have more than 35 years of experience, and understand how to meet your company’s unique needs. We have the inventory and expertise to troubleshoot and maintain your devices. Our team is certified in biomedical instrumentation and is able to handle your most difficult repairs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.
What Puts MKH Electronics Above the Competition?
35+ Years Experience
Knowledgeable Technicians
Reliable Service
Well Stocked on Parts
Efficient on Every Job
Member of AAMI
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